Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is available to families on the basis of demonstrated need for applicants in grades JK through 8th.

At Mulberry School, we understand that a private school education requires a considerable sacrifice for many families. For that reason, our Tuition Assistance program is designed to provide tuition support to help relieve this burden so our families can more fully enjoy their experience here at Mulberry School.

If you would like to inquire about Tuition Assistance, the next step after you complete your enrollment application is to log onto and complete an application for Tuition Assistance.

For more information about our Tuition Assistance Program, please see the FAQs below or contact our Enrollment Management Director, Deanna Haugaard at

How do we know if we qualify for Tuition Assistance?

After you complete the application online,  the Tuition Assistance Committee will review your application to make a final recommendation.  You will then be notified of their decision via email.

How do you calculate our award amount?

The family’s financial need is based upon the system developed by the School and Student Service for Financial Aid:

  1. From total income, allowances for expenses such as taxes, medical expenses, and certain unusual expenses are subtracted to derive an effective income.
  2. From assets, allowable debts are subtracted to derive net worth. A retirement allowance, based on the age of the parents, is subtracted from net worth.
  3. A portion of this discretionary net worth is added to the effective income to derive an adjusted effective income.
  4. An amount of money necessary to provide a family with basic living essentials, called the income protection allowance as defined by the Consumer Expenditure Survey, is subtracted from the adjusted effective income to determine a family’s discretionary income.
  5. An expected parental contribution is computed from the discretionary income depending on its overall level. This expected contribution to education is divided among all the children attending tuition charging schools.
  6. The Tuition Assistance Committee then reviews the above criteria from the School and Student Service report and takes into account any additional considerations or special personal circumstances that the applicant describes on their application. For current families, the Committee looks at the student’s academic and behavioral standing and the ways in which the family contributes to the life of the school or otherwise demonstrates a commitment to Mulberry School.

Based on all of the data, the Committee makes its recommendation and relays the award grant information to the family.

Who makes the final decision on Tuition Assistance awards?

The Tuition Assistance Committee uses the report from School and Student Services along with other considerations such as special personal circumstances or a family’s commitment to Mulberry School to make final decisions about awards.

Is the award one year only, or do we keep getting Tuition Assistance as long as our children are enrolled at Mulberry?

Tuition Assistance awards are renewed annually and require families to submit an application each year. This is so the Tuition Assistance Committee can re-evaluate a family’s award amount based on any changes in their financial status, as well as changes in state or federal legislation that impacts tuition assistance at private schools.



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