How we’re different

Mulberry School inspires children to a life of learning and positive contribution to the community.

We offer enriched programs specifically created to meet the needs of our preschool and elementary school students in small classroom settings.

In Preschool, a wide range of play-based activities foster exploration and discovery. Our children practice important social-emotional skills and acquire important language and cognitive abilities that will help prepare them for a life-long love of learning.

Our Elementary Core Curriculum of Science, Social Studies, Math, and Language Arts is complemented by Visual Arts, Music and Movement, Dramatic Arts and Dance, Physical Education, and Technology. Elementary academics are enhanced by an inquiry and project-based approach to learning, design thinking methodology, and the continued development of social-emotional skills.

Our unique combination of progressive educational values and a committed, student-focused community fosters confident and resourceful Mulberry graduates who are well prepared for the challenges of the 21st century – academically and as members of an ever-widening global community.

Why Mulberry

We teach the whole family, equipping parents with new knowledge and parenting skills to facilitate effective learning at home and at school.

We integrate creativity into everyday learning, reimagining the relationships between art and academic subjects such as math and science.

We are a national leader in Positive Discipline and have been designated a Positive Discipline Association Certified Lab School, promoting social and life skills, as well as a sense of connection and mutual respect.

We empower parents to participate in the Mulberry community, partnering them with expert faculty so they can meaningfully contribute to their child’s classroom.

We nurture a one-of-a-kind community, emphasizing the right-fit learning approach, placing the needs of students first.

We find and keep the best teachers, providing a rich academic environment to create self-motivated, intellectually curious lifelong learners.

Our Mission and Values


Mulberry School inspires children to a life of learning and positive contribution to community. By weaving creativity and social learning into every day, we foster intellectual and social success for a lifetime.


By nurturing their natural mode of learning, Mulberry encourages children to try new skills, make guesses, and use their senses, and as such are constantly being taught that their natural curiosity opens fascinating doors to the world. Because they learn experientially throughout their years at Mulberry, our students emerge as confident, curious learners

A true indicator of personal integrity is the manner in which one handles him/herself when mistakes or errors in judgment are made. Mulberry faculty and staff help students work through errors and conflicts while holding onto honest, humble attitudes and behaviors.

Mulberry offers a collaborative student experience, in the classroom, on the playground, and in interactions among children and adults alike. Children develop skills in working together as collaborative work styles are taught, modeled and practiced to complete tasks and solve problems.

The Mulberry community encompasses students, families, alumni, teachers and administration, creating the foundation upon which our school is based. Families are involved in many ways, and parent participation has been an integral part of our program from the beginning. Working together, we create a supportive community with a strong sense of belonging and mutual respect.

At Mulberry, our students are not passive receptacles of information, but drivers of their own learning. Our children learn by doing, through experience and active problem solving. Assignments require they reach for personal excellence and meaning. With aspects of emotional intelligence built into the curriculum, students not only study math, science, language arts and social studies, but are also encouraged to understand their own personal growth as learners.


Our school programs and curricula are based on extensive research. We strongly believe in and practice positive discipline while utilizing project-based learning, social-emotional learning, and parent participation.

Project-based learning is a dynamic student-centered, learning by doing approach in which students are active participants in their learning. With this type of active and engaged learning, students are inspired to research and obtain a deeper knowledge and mastery of subjects.

In addition to strong academics, a focus on social-emotional development, where students gain a strong understanding of their individual strengths and challenges, brings student self-awareness and compassion. This focus is an integral part of Mulberry’s educational philosophy. Relationship-based teaching and parent participation strengthen and diversify our Mulberry classroom community.

We use Positive Discipline as our classroom management model to build a powerful learning community that models mutual respect and supports academic excellence and helps our children feel a sense of connection within our school community and at home.

Research clearly indicates that active parent participation and commitment positively affect students’ self-awareness and academic achievements. This engagement contributes to a higher quality of education and overall strengthens our community of learners.

“It’s clear that the learning at Mulberry School comes through the children’s engagement. The children are so engaged, the learning and discovery comes through in their inner desire – not from outside pressure.”

– Jane Nelsen, Ed. D;
Author of the “Positive Discipline” series of books –