Parent Participation Preschool & Elementary

At Mulberry, parent participation goes well beyond the understanding that involved parents improve student outcomes. Mulberry parents bring talents and enthusiasm to the classroom; and more hands means more small group work is possible, extending and enriching student learning.

Parent participation is at the heart of the Mulberry educational experience. Our children have the opportunity to form personal relationships with many different adults in the classroom. As a result, we believe Mulberry students approach the world of adults with greater ease and confidence. And yet, while the focus of participation is on serving students, parents’ gain is no less profound.

Mulberry parents have an unparalleled opportunity to be part of their child’s educational growth. We learn to understand our own developing child in the context of developing peers. We build our own parenting skills by observing and practicing Positive Discipline as modeled in the classroom. And, just as the children do, we form friendships that last a lifetime.

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Parent Participation

“Parent Participation has been an integral part of Mulberry for over 55 years. Our parents and families bring such gifts to our community.”

– Jane Murphy, Former Assistant Head of School –