Parent-Teacher Partnerships

The latest research on the best educational practices indicates that parental engagement – not income or social status – is the primary forecaster of academic achievement.

Benefits of Parent-Teacher Partnerships

The collective partnership of parents and educators inspires a well-rounded learning environment that benefits students, teachers, and parents.

Mulberry teachers, faculty, board members, and caregivers experience firsthand the powerful impact of parental engagement.

“The parent gets a much stronger concept of child development when they experience the range of typical behaviors of their child’s age cohort by participating in the classroom or on the playground. The child then has a parent who can make better, more informed parenting decisions. The classroom gets a volunteer who is able to contextualize the academic and social needs of the group.”

“A parent with subject area expertise can lend their skills to the classroom teacher, enriching the environment for all students. For example, I had a queer parent of transracially adopted children who helped me develop a project that was inclusive of all types of families. Other times, I’ve had hobbyists who shared their love of fiber arts, glass work, and ceramics during lessons that integrated the arts and traditional academics.”

“Parents can take on administrative tasks like planning field trip logistics that take a tremendous amount of time, freeing up the teacher to focus on the curricular aspects of the trip. Students get a richer trip experience as a result.”

“Parents and teachers come to see each other as allies when they work side by side throughout the year. When a student is struggling, as inevitably happens from time to time, having a strong family-classroom allyship is the first step in creating a holistic approach to help the child grow through the struggle and into support or solutions.”

According to research from the Southwest Educational Developmental Laboratory (SEDL), “the synergy of schools, families, and community groups collaborating to support children’s learning leads to enhances educational performance.”

Students benefit by:

  • Increasing the likelihood that students will graduate, improve their grades, have higher test scores and attendance, and continue their advanced education
  • Having better social-emotional skills and improved behavior
  • Achieving more regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnic/racial background, or level of parent’s education
  • Exhibiting more positive behavior and attitudes
  • Higher self-esteem

Schools benefits include:

  • Having heightened teacher morale and higher ratings of teachers by parents
  • Heightened respect for teachers and the teaching profession
  • Improved communication among educators, administrators, and parents
  • Having higher quality and better-performing school programs enriched by parent’s expertise and enthusiasm
  • Improved academic climate

The benefits for parents include the following:

  • Enhanced awareness of their child’s intellectual and emotional needs
  • Increased confidence in their ability to effectively parent
  • Employ more positive reinforcement
  • More likely to respond to teacher’s requests for help at home when involved with their child’s curriculum
  • Have higher opinions of and are more committed to their children’s schools
  • Increased involvement in policy-making in school and within the community

Parents introduce distinct expertise and enthusiasm only in schools with meaningful parental participation.

Parent participation isn’t a luxury – it is an integral component of student achievement and school reform. When families are engaged in their children’s school lives, students have the home support necessary to develop a lifelong love of learning.

At Mulberry, we meet the needs of families by breaking down barriers to engagement, creating collaborative opportunities for parents and caregivers to bring their unique expertise and enthusiasm onto our campus, into our classrooms, and into the lives of our Mulberry community.

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“Parent Participation has been an integral part of Mulberry for over 55 years. Our parents and families bring such gifts to our community.”

– Jane Murphy, Former Assistant Head of School –