Elementary School

Junior Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Our approach to progressive education provides a balanced experience for students, who come away with deep understandings of academic concepts, as well as the spark and joy necessary for lifelong learning. Immersive thematic units encompass and intertwine academic areas into meaningful contexts and projects that allow students both the opportunity to develop academic skills and to apply them in ways important to them.

Project-Based Learning

Integrated Curriculum


Critical Thinking

Global Citizens

The Foundations for Engaged, 21st Century Global Citizens

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Children develop values and attitudes about learning based on their earliest school experiences. Mulberry School is filled with exploration, discovery, and joy. By infusing project-based learning and a global-minded approach to education, Mulberry provides students with the foundation necessary to become engaged citizens of the 21st century.

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Instilling flexible skills and strategies through applications to real-world problems, while staying aligned to common core standards.

Incorporating essential content and integrating cross-curricular components to foster a sense of discovery and environmental stewardship.

Immersing students into our genre-based reader’s and writer’s workshop model to cultivate expressive writers, fluent readers, critical thinkers, and effective communicators.

Acquiring a world language and cultural competence through singing, games, and puppet play in lower grades, with a global study, and experiential curriculum in our upper grades.

Cultivating an understanding of sustainable garden ecosystems through stewardship of our seed-to-table garden and hen house.

Building healthy bodies, minds, and hearts through physical fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, sports, games, and fun.

Experiencing the essential elements of music through playing simple to complex instruments, singing, music history, and appreciation.

Developing confidence and identity through personal expression, role play, and improvisation, while experiencing all components of theater arts.

private elementary school student

“Every day that I spend at Mulberry, I learn more about what makes the school unique and how the teachers try to educate everybody in ways where each student feels most comfortable.”

– 5th Grade Student –