Our Summer Camp Staff


Summer Camp Administrative

Miles Lewis – Summer Camp Director / Extended Care Manager
Miles' Bio
  • Started at Mulberry in 2011
Laurel Maguire – CFOO, Mulberry School / Summer Camp Business Manager
Laurel's Bio
  • BS in Organizational Behavior – University of San Francisco
  • M.Ed in Education – University of Massachusetts at Boston
  • MBA in Coursework (Finance) – Northeastern University
  • Started at Mulberry in 2011

Daniela Gunther –Executive Assistant to the HOS/AHOS, Front Office Manager

Daniela's Bio
  • J.D., Lincoln Law School of San Jose

  • Started at Mulberry in 2017

Summer Camp Lead Counselors and Teachers

Sara Gonzales
Camp Leader

Sara's Bio
Hi! My name is Sara Gonzalez. I’ve been working as a counselor at Mulberry camps since 2014, with last summer being my first time working as a lead counselor. Additionally, I work here at Mulberry during the school year in the Extended Care program. My family has a deep connection to the school, as my brother Santiago attended Mulberry from Junior Kindergarten through fifth grade. My mother, Teacher Jennifer, is one of Mulberry’s Kindergarten teachers, and has been teaching here for nine years. I attend school at both De Anza and Foothill Colleges, with an intended major in Biological Science. You could typically find me going for hikes or runs with my dog, a border collie mix named Skipper, or making music in a variety of forms including playing guitar, ukulele, piano, or singing. I also have a passion for horseback riding, as well as animals in general, which leads me to hope to be an equine veterinarian one day.

It is difficult to choose a favorite camp from 2017, although I can say that both Animal Camp and Messy Science stood out as the most fun for me, as a lead. Both were attended by a great group of kids, and planning the curriculum for each was a blast. However, nothing compared to watching the awe and joy on each child’s face as we performed sensational experiments, or got to learn about, and meet, new animals. It was easy to integrate educational material into each curriculum, given the hands-on nature of the themes during each week.

Perhaps one of my favorite moments might be during Animal Camp. The third day of that camp was dedicated to learning about birds, and as part of the curriculum for the day, we learned about the different birds local to the Los Gatos area. All the children got to make their own set of binoculars to use during our “birdwatching” hike in Belgatos park. As we trudged up the big hill, I looked back and saw every single child, binoculars to the sky, pointing and shouting excitedly, naming off the types of birds they were seeing. I was both fascinated by and proud of these Junior Kindergarten-to-Kindergarteners remembering what they’d learned in the classroom, then transferring that information to their own life in a hands-on, outside setting. Furthermore, watching them getting so excited about learning about the world they live in left me smiling and hopeful about the future.

This is a monumental reason why I love working at Mulberry; the positive discipline and hands-on mentalities allow the education of these children to be enjoyable, and creates lasting memories for both them and I. I haven’t found another school with such a friendly and inclusive environment. I really do feel as though the staff does an excellent job at making sure each child not only feels welcome and at home, but ensures that education and safety go hand-in-hand with smiles and laughter.

Joey Becker
Camp Leader

Joey's Bio
Hi there! My name is Joey Becker. I’m 21 years old, I live in Santa Cruz and attend Cabrillo College in Aptos, California. I’m currently a film major and love to film in my spare time. I enjoy playing sports such as basketball and football but I really love getting in touch with my creative side. I really enjoy exploring the arts and I feel it’s a terrific way to express myself. I’ve been working at an after school program in Scotts Valley called Brainstorms Science during the school year for the past three years. This past summer (2017) was my first year working as a counselor at Camp Mulberry! I got the privilege to be a lead counselor as well as a regular counselor for a few camps and the experience of each camp was something I will cherish forever.

I love Camp Mulberry because it allows me to really bring out that creative, energetic side that I have. The different camps that we provide each week not only brought the kid’s joy because they got to experience a camp theme specifically catered to their interest. Most camps catered to mine as well. I genuinely enjoyed preparing the curriculum for the kids each and every week. The activities were fun and engaging enough for even a counselor to get involved and have a great time! Every single camp brought out a massive amount of energy and excitement for the kids when they were participating in the camp activities. I found myself exhausted at the end of most days because I was running around so much playing with the children.

My favorite camp I participated in has to be Star Wars camp. Star wars camp was the first camp I was privileged to lead and it was insanely fun coming up with activities to do. I was grateful to have such an amazing group of counselors to help my co-lead, Sara, and I out. I was almost jealous of the kids at times that they got to have these pool noodle lightsaber duels! The children got to make a ton of Star Wars themed crafts to bring home and got to participate in some super fun Star Wars themed activities. Kids would come to camp dressed up as their favorite Star Wars characters. We had a massive scavenger hunt on the last day of camp where the kids had to find plans to the death star. After going on a quest to find the plans with their team, they were rewarded with a giant death star piñata!

My favorite connection that I made throughout the camps were with these two 1st grade boys. I had them in two separate camps and we all shared a common interest; We all loved sports. They were these little competitive fireballs who wanted me to “school” them at basketball. Basically I would play basketball with them almost every day in the camps I had them in. It was fun seeing the excitement in their faces every time we were on the courts. Their fiery personalities made me want to constantly keep playing against them. However, they were super polite, fun-loving kids off the court. They were engaged in all the camp activities and we extremely attentive. I felt a special connection to them because I saw myself in both of those kids. Since I saw myself in them, there is nothing that I want more than to set the best example possible for not only them, but every kid at camp, so they can be whatever they set their minds to be in the future.

Brett Linville
Camp Leader

Brett's Bio
  • I keep coming back to Mulberry because I love the connection that I make with students and their families. It makes me happy to see the kids having fun at summer camp; just like I did when I was a camper!
  • My favorite camp of 2017 had to be Minecraft, because I started the camp three years ago and it was cool to see how it has progressed since then.
  • One of my 5th grade students and I have celebrated her birthday in camp for the last two years straight! This year we made a dairy-free, gluten-free cake, which didn’t taste the best but everyone enjoyed making it.
  • I graduated from Kalamazoo College in 2015 and currently work as a 7th/8th Science/Math teacher at Voices College-Bound Language Academy in San Jose.
Cassie's Bio
  • AA in Child Development
  • Lindamood Bell Credential
  • Family Grief Counseling work
  • Work with Children with Disabilities (Hard of Hearing)
  • Started at Mulberry in 2015
Debi's Bio
  • BA in Mathematics for Elementary Teaching Major – Eastern Michigan University School of Education
    • Early Childhood Education Minor
  • Credentials: – State of Michigan Provisional Teaching Certificate 
    • Elementary K-5 All Subjects
    • Mathematics 6-8
    • Early Childhood Education Pre K-K
  • Started working at Mulberry in 2014.
Jennifer's Bio
  • BS in Education – University of Wisconsin

  • BA in Spanish and ESL – San Jose State University

  • Started at Mulberry in 2008
Sara's Bio
  • BA in English and Gender Studies – Davidson College
  • Thomas J Watson Fellow
  • Started at Mulberry in 2010

Office Administrative Staff

Kara Riordan – Head of School

Rob Hitchcock – Facilities

Deanna Haugaard – Director of Enrollment and Marketing

Stacey Acton – Director of Development

Tora Troop – School Information Systems’ Manager & Enrollment Specialist