Summer Camp FAQ


Our Summer Extended Care program is an extension of our camping day and is available to all campers, from Junior Kindergarten through 6th grade. The program operates every day from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  You can sign up your camper on their first day of camp. Fees will be charged through your payment method on Active Networks.


How do I register my child for camp?

All registration occurs through our online summer camp management system, Active Networks.  There is a link to register on Mulberry’s website.

What if a camp is full when I try to register?

Mulberry Staff monitors the on-line registration system and will either open up more camp slots by adding an additional camp for that theme during the same week or by adding a few slots to the existing camp.  Please check the site within 48 hours of seeing the full camp – it will have been changed to add the additional camp or a few additional slots.  If you continue to see a camp full after 48 hours, please contact Daniela Gunther, Mulberry’s Receptionist at (408) 358-9080.

What if I decide to withdraw from camp or want to switch camps after I enroll my child?

Please contact Mulberry School to initiate withdrawal or transfer.  A 50% refund of tuition will be given if notice of withdrawal is received at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the camp. There is no refund if a camper is withdrawn within 2 weeks of the camp. A $25 fee will be charged for transfers between camps 2 weeks prior to the beginning of camp. No transfers are made less than 2 weeks before camp.

Who teaches Mulberry camps?

Our camps are taught by Mulberry School and Camp alumni, and our classroom teachers who have been trained in positive discipline, emergency procedures, and basic first aid. We are proud that our alumni are excited to come back to work at our camps year after year. They are a cornerstone of our program and make it the special place that it is.

Why do I need to bring a change of clothes and towel to camp everyday?

At Mulberry summer camps, we like to get wet and dirty. We encourage all parents to send campers with a change of clothes and a towel because every camp provides opportunities to go outside and make a mess. We don’t want our campers to worry about their clothes, but to enjoy all of the experiences offered.

Why do I need to provide a lunch if there are snacks being cooked in camp?

We do not plan a large enough snack in camp to keep the kids appropriately fueled for the entire day. This is the case even in camps with cooking projects. Every camp has a designated lunch time when everyone is required to sit for a specified amount of time and eat some healthy food, so they can keep going until the end of the day. We also have a hot lunch program. My Green Lunch provides healthy, organic, and sustainably sourced hot lunch for Silicon Valley schools.  Their website is:  You can also follow the link on our website.

What does it mean that Mulberry is a nut sensitive environment?

In the past few years we have had several students with severe nut allergies enrolled in our school and camps. Mulberry takes these allergies very seriously and we therefore do all we can to discourage nuts of any kind on our campus. We encourage parents to find alternatives for their children’s lunches that exclude nuts or nut products.  Campers who bring nuts in their lunches will be asked to eat their lunches in our staff lunch area.  We will call parents to request that nuts be excluded from future lunches.

How does Mulberry help campers with sun and heat during the summer?

We are keenly aware of how much fun we can have out in the sun, and how quickly we can all get too much of a good thing. All campers are asked to bring their own water to camp and are frequently encouraged to drink throughout the day. All camps have both outdoor and air-conditioned, indoor areas of play. Teachers evaluate outdoor conditions each day and modify plans to fit with what works best for daily heat and air quality. Parents may sign a permission slip on the first day of camp and provide their own sunscreen that counselors will help apply to our youngest campers. Older children will be reminded to periodically apply sunscreen throughout the day. Mulberry staff does not supply any sunscreen; it must be brought by parents for each child.