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Tiralisa's Story

I’m Tiralisa and am connected through the parent participation school where Sarah spent her elementary school years with my son Greg.

You see, Mulberry was not a school where you simply dropped off your child and picked them up at the end of the day. It was a community.  It’s where every one in the family learned and participated together by sharing their individual gifts and talents, having their curiosity nurtured, as well as having their uniqueness honored.

There is great appreciation for the AdiConner family who was such a blessing to the Mulberry community. Their passion, initiative, generosity, and hands-on involvement helped to create an even more wonderful place to have our children, as well as us adults, be educated … One way they demonstrated this was by spear-heading the creation ‘Steppin’ Out,’ the first large scale school fundraiser which continues today.  

When the AdiConners first started at Mulberry, Sarah was in Kindergarten, Willie in preschool, and Jake, well, he was in utero. It was Kindergarten and Dave & I were leaving our son for the first time. Two weeks we were going to be in Europe, What changes would there be? 

While hesitant about leaving our ‘baby,’ we felt very comforted that Greg would be well cared for, not only by both sets of grandparents, but also by the Mulberry Community, As this was before Skype, we waited to hear of the updates until back in the states.

One of the first things Greg excitedly shared was that he had a girlfriend.  A girlfriend?  Wow. A girlfriend. I don’t even know if Sarah knew it, but Greg was smitten.

More recently, following Sarah’s transition from this life, Greg and I shared memories of her. I asked if he remembered saying that Sarah was his girlfriend. While he didn’t recall saying that, he did say, I was just thinking how she was the first girl I ever liked.

There was so much to like about her. You couldn’t get any cuter! Who could resist big pink cheeks and lips, light blond hair, And those magical, knowing eyes of hers. She was an observer – evaluating what possibilities were in front of here.  And, then, once she decided to say “yes,” she was all in with such gusto and zest.

She had integrity with her honesty and trustworthiness. She was discerning curious, loved food, sports, travel, and adventure. She was artistic and creative and she loved gatherings of people whose hearts touched each other…even planning the reunion for her Mulberry graduating Class of 2000 in Idaho.

She loved her family. Life was sweet. And then, the news. 

We’ve all heard the expression. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, True to form, when life gave Sarah lemons, she did so much more.. This is a girl who would juggle those lemons, whip them into a lemon curd, create electricity, or take a bite, pucker up and make a silly face.

And while Sarah’s spirit may be invisible to our eyes, the girl who first touched Greg’s heart in Kindergarten, who has touched each of our hearts is here always.  For it is with the heart that one can see clearly …and, we can clearly see what a wonderful gift she is.

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