Middle School

Mulberry Middle School offers a deep and meaningful bridge from Elementary School to High School, providing challenging academics while supporting the emotional, social, and educational transitions of early adolescence.

Rigorous Academics

Critical Thinking

Social-emotional Learning

Performing Arts

Service Learning

Building 21st Century Skills in a Small Class Environment

Mulberry School utilizes a three-year program of overarching themes to anchor core learning in Mathematics, English, Visual and Performing Arts, Humanities (history, geography, social studies, civics), and Science. Themes such as change, place and space, conflict, proof, and beauty provide scope for deep discussions within and across curriculum areas—and are the guiding base for project-based learning. Spanish, Physical Education, Place Based Service-Learning and Music round out our standard instructional areas.

Middle School students also engage in a social thinking/social-emotional learning curriculum that is complemented by a learning and study skills curriculum. This balanced approach not only enhances learning at Mulberry, but also prepares students for the wide range of teaching styles and learning experiences they may encounter in high school and beyond.

By laying strong learning foundations with teachers as advisors, mentors, instructors, and guides, Mulberry Middle School students have the opportunity to become confident, lifelong learners and explorers with strong tools for 21st century learning, working, and living.

Join us for a dynamic and fulfilling journey through the middle school years.

““I have grown so much throughout my years at Mulberry. I don’t really have a lot of words to describe this school and my growth, besides thankful. I am thankful for the time here, and thankful for my growth.”

– Emmett, Class of 2019 –



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