Executive Summary


Inspire children to a life of learning and positive contribution to the world. By weaving creativity and active learning into every day, we foster intellectual and social success for a lifetime.


Founded in 1963 as a cooperative preschool, Mulberry has a strong tradition as a progressive educational institution. It has evolved from a play-based preschool to include an inquiry-based elementary and middle school.

Mulberry Creates

Experiential Learners

who thrive in an immersive, hands-on learning environment.

Curious Explorers

who test new skills, make guesses, and follow their natural curiosity to a life of discovery.

Collaborative Leaders

who solve problems and manage tasks within a team, learning effective ways to advocate for themselves and others.

Critical Thinkers

who ask questions, test hypotheses, and reason their way to an answer.

Confident Scholars

who understand how they learn best, engage in active problem-solving, and pursue their interests for a lifetime of learning.

Compassionate Citizens

who value inclusion, community, empathy, and mutual respect, leading them to active engagement on behalf of a better world.


Building on a strong sense of community, we encourage students to explore the interconnections among all people sharing the environment of one planet. We instill these values into two new curriculum initiatives:

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) Program

Multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory program based on lessons from the real world, with a balance of instruction, discovery, and exploration.

Watershed Initiative: Learning about watershed health, flooding and drought, ocean acidification, clean-up, and clean water for all (from local to global perspectives). Students participated in creek clean-ups through the South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition, designing and building their own creek clean-up devices.

Halina Gallagher, Mulberry’s STEAM specialist and 5th grade teacher, received a MERIT Award from the Krause Center for Innovation for this project, and presented it to other educators at a Monterey Bay Aquarium event. We have a long-standing involvement with the Jason Project, and last year sent a team of six educators to their sessions on Resilient Planet, Infinite Potential, and Wetlands. This broad base of faculty education enables us to weave these principles throughout our curriculum, so that students understand that everything is connected.

Compassionate Global Citizens Curriculum

Common Core standard academics applied to real-world issues around social justice, human rights, and anti-bias principles.

Launched in 2017, the program is designed to develop active, informed, and engaged global citizens for the 21st century by encouraging understanding of both our differences from and our commonalities with the world around us. The curriculum rolls out over four years, starting with the individual and extending to the wider community: our school, our state, our country, and our world.

Committed to authenticity and cultural relevance, the curriculum draws from resources provided by the Museum of Tolerance, Rock Your World, Respect Institute, and Facing History and Ourselves to provide age-appropriate learning at every grade level.

Students undertake a thoughtful process of researching and conversing on an issue of their choice and taking meaningful action in the community based on the current theme. Themes include:

  • Community and identity
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Diversity and community
  • Justice and action


We teach the whole family, equipping parents with new knowledge and parenting skills to facilitate effective learning at home and at school.

We integrate creativity into everyday learning, reimagining the relationships between art and academic subjects such as math and science.

We practice Positive Discipline as a national leader, promoting social and life skills, as well as a sense of connection and mutual respect.

We empower parents to participate in the Mulberry community, partnering them with expert faculty so they can meaningfully contribute to their child’s classroom.

We nurture a one-of-a-kind community, emphasizing the right-fit learning approach, placing the needs of Mulberry students first.

We find and keep the best teachers, knowing the importance of influencing the thinking of a child forever.


Bring the right-fit educational model to children from diverse backgrounds

Improve research equipment and technology to create a maker lab and support our STEAM programs

Bring to life our Global Citizenship initiative

Focus on teacher training to share our work with other schools


Unrestricted or earmarked donations to support Mulberry’s current operations and initiatives

Sarah Jane Adicoff Fund (endowment), providing strategic resources to guarantee Mulberry’s sustainable success

Please contact Head of School Kara Riordan at kriordan@mulberry.org to learn more.