Mulberry Blog

Meet the blogger – Muffie Wiebe Waterman, Ph.D.

Hello and welcome. I am so excited to be writing here! Mulberry School is a true gem and I can’t wait to share my perspective on what happens here every day.

I found Mulberry back in 2004 when looking for a Kindergarten for my daughter.  Like many parents, I wanted a great school that was a great fit for my kids and our family.  Unlike a lot of parents, my background is in education and child development.

I hold a Ph.D. In Learning Sciences from Stanford University Graduate School of Education.  I’ve trained in developmental psychology and have promoted innovative education since my early 20s.  Needless to say I had very decided ideas about what a ‘great school’ should accomplish for its students!

I researched and visited over 20 schools. In a pre-smart phone world, I stumbled upon Mulberry’s one-page website.  I was encouraged by all the right key words, but the tour was what sold me.

I saw firsthand how at Mulberry students are respected and challenged. Kids are given time to explore and grow.  Art is infused in everything that is done. Kids learn who they are and how to work with others. They learn to ask questions and how to answer them. They come to know their passions.  And better – they learn how to pursue them.

My kids are now teens. They loved it here and come back to visit whenever they can.  I’ve watched them successfully move to new schools and onto new challenges, both personal and academic. I love that Mulberry helped lay the foundation of their ability to joyfully navigate their way in the world.

Mulberry is magic. If you live close enough to send your children here, you owe it to them and yourself to come take a look.