Mission & Core Values


Mulberry School inspires children to a life of learning and positive contribution to community.  By weaving creativity and social learning into every day, we foster intellectual and social success for a lifetime.

Core Values


At Mulberry School, children experience an environment where their natural mode of learning is nurtured.  Children are encouraged to try new skills, make guesses, and use their senses, and as such are constantly being taught that their natural curiosity opens fascinating doors to the world.  Discovery is an ongoing process that continues every day, and because they practice this way of learning throughout their years at Mulberry, our students emerge as confident, curious learners.  The world is there for them to explore.


A true indicator of personal integrity is the manner in which one handles him/herself when mistakes or errors in judgment are made.  Children at Mulberry School integrate the idea that meaningful, deep learning cannot occur without such errors, and understand that through the challenge of mistakes, one must hold onto honest, humble attitudes and behaviors.  Our students are young people of high character who display personal integrity in word and deed.


Collaboration is present in every facet of our children’s experience, whether in the classroom or on the playground, and in the interaction with children and adults alike.  Children’s skills in working together are constantly taught, modeled and practiced in getting tasks
completed and problems solved.  Students learn mastery of conflict resolution and the democratic process in regular examination of how to positively and productively work together.


We value each member of the extended Mulberry community, supporting one another in a life-long process of engaged learning. We define community as the students, families, alumni, teachers and administration, all of which combined is the foundation upon which our school is based.

Families are involved in many ways. Since we began, parent participation has been an integral part of our program. Every family’s contribution is invaluable, creating and cultivating an enriched, supportive educational environment.  Working together, community enhances all aspects of our program.  What exists is a strong sense of belonging and mutual respect.


At Mulberry, our students are not passive receptacles of information, but drivers of their own learning.  Assignments require they reach for personal excellence and meaning.  With aspects of emotional intelligence built into the curriculum, students not only study math, science, language arts and social studies, but are also encouraged to understand their own personal growth as learners.

Our children learn by doing, through experience and active problem solving.  They participate in the education and development of others in many ways, as well; through our “buddy” system, with older students helping younger peers read or learn science; via social problem solving during class meetings; in learning and growing during group project work.  In addition to our students, parents are actively engaged through participation on committees, in the classroom, or lending their special talents to help enrich the children’s experiences.


Our faculty understands the importance of developing in our students the skills associated with intelligent behavior, of which meta-cognition (knowledge about your own thoughts and the factors that influence your thinking) is a key quality.  Children come to understand how they learn best, as well as how they know what they know.  Furthermore, with Positive Discipline integrated into the very fiber of our school’s culture, our children are daily provided opportunities to resolve conflict in meaningful ways, as well as to question and reflect upon their responses to people and situations.  From this critical set of experiences, students learn how their actions impact others, as well as how to positively act in the face of their own emotional response to another.