Board of Trustees

Chairperson of the Board

Lynn Hillebrecht

Mulberry School is a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation. Our Board of Trustees provides strategic planning and makes school policy in accordance with Mulberry School’s Mission Statement. The Board also hires and conducts performance reviews for the Head of School. It is the Head of School’s responsibility to hire and supervise staff, implement curriculum, oversee the facility, and implement Board policy.

The Board consists of voting Trustees, who are nominated and elected by the Board, as well as three non-voting Trustees: the Head of School and two representatives chosen by the parents:  the Elementary and Preschool Presidents. Committees of the Board may be permanent standing committees or ad-hoc committees created and dissolved as necessary. Committees report to the Board and make recommendations to the Board.  There are four standing Board committees: the Governance Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee, the Leadership Committee, and the Development Committee.  Members of the Mulberry community may be invited to serve on ad-hoc committees, the Finance and Audit Committee, or the Development Committee.

The Board meets regularly throughout the year. Every Mulberry parent is invited to attend the open portion of each meeting. The agenda and meeting minutes are posted for parent review.

2017-2018 Mulberry Board of Trustees

  • Lynn Hillebrecht, Chair
  • Tanja Evans, Finance Trustee
  • Jill Maggi, Trustee
  • Lisa Daniels, Trustee
  • Sanem (Sam) Alkan, Trustee
  • Timothy Wood, Trustee
  • Lynn Golbetz, Trustee
  • Kirsten King, Trustee
  • Jackey Garcia, Trustee
  • Cheri Goodman, Trustee